Bet you didn’t know this about Val

In the next series of SnowGate staff interviews we get to know a bit more about Val Poulter, Head of Rentals in Mirfield. A keen swimmer, (was it those early holidays in Coniston?) she loves going to rugby matches, and cooks a great paella. But thar's only half the story. Read the rest here...


First Holiday memory

Picnic, paddling and skimming stones on Coniston Water with my brothers when I was 5, we were very lucky to be living in Cumbria at the time, so could spend our weekends there.

Favourite Christmas or birthday present (either received or given) 

A lovely watch my children gave me for my 60th Birthday.

Favourite school teacher and why  

My year 6 teacher was very strict (not sure I ever saw her smile) but successfully prepared us for the challenge of High School.

Favourite sport (either as a participant or spectator) 

I love to swim for exercise but I would choose a good Rugby match as a spectator.

Most embarrassing/awkward social moment (that's publishable lol) 

Might have fallen in the waste paper basket on my first day at school in front of the entire class, I can still hear the laughter!

Describe your perfect house/home 

Home is where the heart is and I love my current home.

Favourite band or music genre 

I enjoy all types of music, my favourite decade was the 70’s and for relaxation piano music by Yiramu.

Tell us about a talent which people might not know you have 

Old School – I love knitting but with a modern twist!

Favourite food either to eat or to cook  

I love a classic Spanish Paella and often cook this for friends and family.

Grain, grape, hops, or none? 

All of the above