Bet you didn't know this about Brenda

In the next series of SnowGate staff interviews we get to know a bit more about Brenda Kelly who is our Head of Sales in Mirfield, and is still in shock over the amazing birthday gift her husband bought her (without any hints or prompting). She also once sung in a band and is a big fan of The Killers. But that’s only part of the story. Read the rest here

Brenda | SnowGate Estate Agency
Brenda | SnowGate Estate Agency

First Holiday memory

Winning a fancy dress competition with my sister, I was dressed as a fairy and my sister a javelin thrower, our mum made the costumes while we were on holiday!!

Favourite Christmas or birthday present (either received or given) 

Dyson hairdryer, this was given to me by my husband for a special birthday, still can’t believe he thought of this all by himself

Favourite school teacher and why  

Only remember the strict ones 

Favourite sport (either as a participant or spectator) 

I don’t play any sport, but we spent many weekends when my son was younger watching him play cricket. He still plays now as an adult, and I still try and watch him a few times over the cricket season.

Most embarrassing/awkward social moment (that's publishable lol) 

Honestly can’t think of one that could be published 

Describe your perfect house/home 

I currently live in a Victorian terrace, and this is still my favourite type of property

Favourite band or music genre 

I listen to most things and I love The Killers. I saw them this year for the fifth time

Tell us about a talent which people might not know you have 

I used to sing in a band (not sure if it’s a talent, hahaha) 

Favourite food either to eat or to cook  

Crab linguine 

Grain, grape, hops, or none? 

All of the above