Bet you didn't know this about Emma

In the next series of SnowGate staff interviews we get to know a bit more about Emma Dyson, who works in sales and letting. Emma is a big footie fan, especially for England games, loves chocolate-box style country cottages and does a great Kenneth Williams impression. But that’s only part of the story. Read the rest here.


First Holiday memory

Watching Flipper and Jenkins at Flamingo Land, a 70s dolphin duo!!

Favourite Christmas or birthday present (either received or given) 

My favourite Christmas gift was a Mr Frost, which unfortunately I never received, but always wished for.

Favourite school teacher and why  

Mr Downs, Drama teacher. He adapted fabulous plays and really help students achieve their goals.

Favourite sport (either as a participant or spectator) 

Football, England games mainly. Was very excited about the recent World Cup!

Most embarrassing/awkward social moment (that's publishable lol) 

These OCCUR daily!! Too many to mention Lol.

Describe your perfect house/home 

I adore chocolate-box style cottages, especially the cottage which is featured in the film “The Holiday”.

Favourite band or music genre 

I love ALL types of music. I especially like going to see live music. The Picturedrome in Holmfirth is a fantastic venue for seeing live bands!!

Tell us about a talent which people might not know you have 

Mmmmmm this is a very tricky question, but probably it would be my impression of Kenneth Williams.

Favourite food either to eat or to cook  

Tapas is my favourite style of dining. Getting a chance to try a little bit of everything. I seriously can’t cook!!

Grain, grape, hops, or none? 

For me, I like a pale rose wine with lots of ice. If we are going down the gin route it must be Malfy blood orange. Delicious!