Bet you didn't know this about Max

In the final blog in our staff interview series, we get the low down on Max Earnshaw, SnowGate founder, owner and valuer. Although he loves toast, one of his most embarrassing moments was trying to eat the Melba variety with a knife and fork at the Palace of Westminster. Toast aside, he’d love a period Spanish farmhouse in a remote picturesque location where he could make his signature dish, Thai Green curry. Find out the rest about Max here.


First Holiday memory

Listening to the Beach Boys in the back seat of my parents car stuck in a traffic jam on the way to Filey.

Favourite Christmas or birthday present (either received or given) 

The kids Toy Simon in 1978

Favourite school teacher and why  

Eddie Butler, Ex Wales Rugby Captain – French teacher. Purely because he was famous. Sadly passed away now.

Favourite sport (either as a participant or spectator) 

Rugby Union as it was my childhood sport but now football as the kids love it so much.

Most embarrassing/awkward social moment (that's publishable lol) 

Eating Melba Toast with a knife and fork at the Palace of Westminster

Describe your perfect house/home 

A period Spanish farmhouse in some picturesque remote location.

Favourite band or music genre 

A bit of a moving target this but today – it’s Fleetwood Mac

Tell us about a talent which people might not know you have 

I make a great Thai Green Curry.

Favourite food either to eat or to cook  


Grain, grape, hops, or none? 

Hops, grain and grapes