Get to know Annabel

We thought you might want to know a bit more about the people who make SnowGate the estate agency that it is.  We’re a team of friendly experts who not only know the property markets in around Holmfirth and Mirfield, but we also know a thing or two about a wide range of different things based on our family lives and the people we were before we joined SnowGate.  

Who knew busy sports mum Annabel has a mean one pot recipe for a slow cooker and dreams of owning a ranch.

First Holiday memory

Disney World in Florida, meeting Mickey Mouse aged 4! The night before I washed my own hair in the bath using soap, I vividly remember my Mum having to pick out all the tiny soap particles…..I just wanted to look my best for MM!!!! 
Favourite Christmas or birthday present (either received or given) –  
Hubby proposed on Xmas day, can’t get better than that! 

Favourite school teacher and why

My High School Headteacher inspired me every day, she was a very strong independent leader and always looked fabulous! 

Favourite sport (either as a participant or spectator)

I’m a sports MUM so I spend my life spectating Football, Cricket & Swimming! I also enjoy the Grand Prix and fancy myself as a bit of an Ayrton Senna…  

Most embarrassing/awkward social moment (that's publishable lol)

Very recently I stood in the middle of Holmfirth talking to an old friend and a gust of wind blew my dress up full Marilyn Monroe style!!! 

Describe your perfect house/home

If I won the lottery I’d either have a horse ranch in America or a log cabin in the Alps. 

Favourite band or music genre 

I have quite an eclectic playlist on Spotify called Bella Beatz which has anything from Calvin Harris and David Guetta to Arctic Monkeys and Coldplay with a bit of Elton John and Phil Collins in between. 

Tell us about a talent which people might not know you have

Tough question, I most definitely cannot sing that’s for sure but I’m pretty tenacious and don’t take no for an answer!! 

Favourite food either to eat or to cook 

As a full-time working Mum, wife, housekeeper, PTA member and the rest, my go to is a one pot recipe – you wouldn’t believe how many things you can chuck in a slow cooker. 

Grain, grape, hops, or none?

Most definitely grape, any colour!!