How to make your property attractive to tenants looking for homes to rent

Planning on venturing into property letting? 

How to make your property attractive to tenants looking for homes to rent in Holmfirth, Mirfield, Honley, Huddersfield and West Yorkshire

With the private-rented market seeing unprecedented growth over the past year and rents at an all-time UK average high of £1,103pcm,*  it's no surprise that the rental sector is now a very attractive proposition for potential landlords.

But with the cost of living issue hitting all of our pockets, the tenants that you want to attract to your property/or properties will be looking for maximum value for money. They’ll also be looking for a property that not only meets all their requirements in terms of size and location, but a place where they can call home.

Modern minimal kitchen in wood and blue with 50
Modern minimal kitchen in wood and blue with 50

How to attract the right tenant at the right price

So, if you’re new to property letting, here’s our quick guide on how to make your property as inviting as possible.

Kitchens and bathrooms.  

These are really important spaces in a home so it’s important to ensure they not only  look fresh and clean, but that everything is in full working order. Remember that properties are promoted on social media so kitchens and bathrooms that are clean and stripped of clutter will make your property look inviting. Don’t forget to sweep and wash that floor too.

Carpet cleaner
Carpet cleaner

Carpets and floors.  

If you’re planning a long let, think about the condition of your carpets, especially if they’re showing wear and tear from previous tenants.  If you have the budget, consider investing in a hard wearing floor covering, either floorboards or heavy stain-resistant carpet.   Or, if you’re on a tight budget book a professional carpet cleaner.

Is your property rental an energy-efficient home?

Energy efficiency.

Energy costs will continue to rise this autumn, so it’s going to be a major consideration for tenants too.  So an energy efficient boiler, smart thermostat or any device that enables your tenants to effectively see and control their energy use will show that you understand your potential tenants concerns around controlling their energy usage.

Hive thermostat
Hive thermostat

Minimalism not maximalism.  

Whether you’re offering a long or short term let, tenants want a place where they can make it their own, within the limitations that you set them.  In effect, they want a blank canvas, so if you’re decorating to let, keep the colour palette as neutral as possible.  Over expressive design, while great for holiday lets and Air BnBs, can be over-facing for tenants who, first and foremost, want a space where their furniture and possessions easily fit into their surroundings.   But, don’t go steaming off wallpaper if it’s your own home and you’re planning on moving back in after a temporary let.  The neutral decor advice applies to landlords who are preparing a property for a long term let, and are considering pre-let redecoration.

Security and safety.  

We all want to feel safe and secure, so make sure your property has robust security.  If locks or latches feel like they’re not up to the job, get them replaced. Also, think about a security alarm and remember that a carbon monoxide alarm is a legal requirement for landlords if gas is supplied to a rental property.  As part of your wider obligations you should also get any electric/gas ovens and fires inspected and, if you have an open fire or wood burning stove make sure you get your chimney swept.  Retaining all certification documents is a mandatory requirement. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune on makeovers. Clean, hygienic rental properties will help you win prospective tenants

Squeaky clean and super fresh.  

It sounds obvious but a property that’s had a lick of paint and a deep clean will help you score highly with prospective tenants.  Apart from giving the whole place a top-to-toe clean, key areas to focus on in particular are the touch points that we all use, such as doors, door handles, light switches and skirting boards.  

“Since the pandemic, hygiene and cleanliness are increasingly important factors for prospective tenants.  Whatever the age of your property, a clean and freshly-presented property is more important than ever.”

Personal hygiene is now an even bigger priority for everyone since the pandemic, so pay special attention to baths and showers which should be cleaned with anti-bacterial surface cleaners for that extra level of protection.  

You might want to invest in the services of a professional cleaning company which has the skills and experience cleaning hotels and Air BnB properties to ensure that your property really passes muster on the hygiene stakes.  

Similarly, kitchen cupboards should be fully cleaned and all surfaces wiped down with anti bacterial cleaner.  And if you have fitted appliances such as a dishwasher, fridge/freezer, oven and washing machine, each of these will need a thorough clean.  

Before you schedule prospective tenants for viewings, pop in a few reed diffusers too, especially if your property hasn’t been occupied for a while.  These have a more organic aroma than plug in electric room odourisers and are a bit more sophisticated.  Remember, choosing a new home is a multi-sensory experience, so even a pot plant or bunch of flowers won’t go amiss either.


Has your property rental got both kerb appeal and social media appeal?

Kerb appeal.  If you have a garden make sure it looks at its best.  This is less easy in the winter when everything has died back, but a tidy garden not only gives your property that all-important kerb appeal but sends out a signal about the standards you set for your property.  Again, because properties are now first seen on social media, tenants will be attracted to properties that have that instant appeal.  Summer obviously gives you the chance to show your garden (whatever its size) at its best, but even when shrubs and flowers have died back, a tidy garden will enhance the overall look and feel of your property.

Furnished or un-furnished?  Unless you’re planning on getting into large-scale residential property lettings, where you’re offering a complete all-in-one solution (typically for tenants such as students or business people), then the best approach is to offer the property unfurnished, with the exception of fitted appliances in the kitchen.  Tenants looking to make your property their home will want to use their furniture and possessions, so offering them a large, clutter free space will help them visualise how their new home will look and feel.  Unless you’re happy with unexpected wear and tear, or even damage, to furniture that you leave behind, the best approach is to leave the property empty.

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