SnowGate - a brand new look and a fresh new start

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos famously said “a brand is what people say about you when you’re not there”, and this kind of sets the context for how we wanted to redefine the new name and look for the new rebrand of our branches in Holmfirth and Mirfield.

We’ve all seen makeover shows on TV where teams get to make changes to a room or a home. But with a business, it’s more than just coming up with something that looks “cool” or “trendy”. It has to be built on a solid foundation of ideas so that it works on a wide range of levels, and across different platforms, and has staying power. 

So, when we decided that we were rebranding our two offices, we wanted to make a very distinctive statement about who we were, what we stood for, and what we represented in terms of the service we offer.

We teamed up with Holmfirth-based digital marketing agency Applied, who have taken us on a journey that helped us explore everything we stood for, where we originated as a business and where we wanted to go under our new identity.

Snowgate Estate Agents - a brand new look and a fresh new start
Snowgate Estate Agents - a brand new look and a fresh new start

Rebranding a business is a fascinating process, as the journey towards a new look and image is based upon so many different factors. At the heart of it all is uncovering a set of clues that help create visually, what you stand for in terms of personality - and how you, as a business, stand out from others in your sector.

The name “SnowGate” was arrived at after we explored the origins of Earnshaw Kay, which we launched in 2001, and this was actually the name of the Yorkshire hamlet where we completed our first property renovation. But that was just the start. We then started to explore some of the key visual clues and designs that would help shape our new identity.

SnowGate is built around our simple vision that estate agency can be done differently. We want to challenge many of the norms associated with our industry by offering a modern, contemporary service built on honesty, trust and integrity. Not values that some might associate with this particular profession.

What we like about this design is that it genuinely reflects the new personality that we want to bring to SnowGate. Visually it stands out as something that is confident, refreshing and contemporary.

“From early 2022 you’ll see our exciting new look across our social media platforms and on our estate agency boards, as well as within our Holmfirth and Mirfield estate agents. But, it’s more than just a look. It’s an experience.” Max Earnshaw, Managing Director

It is, we think, very much the embodiment of the mantra “a brand is what people say about you when you’re not there.”

To experience ‘estate agency done properly’ for yourself, give us a call or visit one of our branches. We’d be delighted to demonstrate our new brand values to you!