Why a professional property valuation matters more than ever.

We’ve all done it. Headed out for the day and found ourselves in a nice location and decided to jump on RightMove or Zoopla to take a rain check on property prices.  It’s the modern way of being nosey (but discreet) on how much bricks and mortar cost without actually asking that dreaded question: so how much is your property worth.

SnowGate Estate Agency Price Is Right
SnowGate Estate Agency Price Is Right

These property price comparisons websites are all well and good for getting a rough idea on the price landscape of a local town or postcode district, but when it comes to getting a proper valuation of your property you really do need to seek the help of professionals.

SnowGate team of property experts

Here at SnowGate, our team of experts are exactly that - they’ve been buying and selling properties in and around Holmfirth and Mirfield for years and know, in detail, the nuances of the market at all levels. From first time buyers to new build, or high end luxury properties, they’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of issues such as:

  • Location preferences for house buyers

  • The selling points of particular properties
  • The sticking points, or downsides, of certain properties
  • The price bracket sensitivities - i.e. when a property might be deemed to expensive
  • Areas where a buyer might seek to negotiate on a property value - new roof, out of date heating and insulation, old windows

Apart from the physical and locational attributes of a property, our valuations also take into account a wide range of market and economic factors.  We’ll also evaluate the type of buyer we think will be suitable for your property, and the kind of financial profile they might have too.  It may be that your property appeals to an investor as well as an owner occupier.

So, with all the latest changes to the property finance market, and the wider economic context that we’re now facing, a professional property valuation is more important than ever.  What you don’t want is to undervalue or overprice your property, and as part of our valuation service we can also advise you on some quick wins to help present your property in the best way possible for those all-important photographs.

So, why not contact us today in either our Holmfirth or Mirfield offices or call 01484 680800 or 01924 497801 to arrange a valuation.